How to delete all reviews & ratting – magento 1.9

Hello Friends,

When ever you are developing online store for your client, You are inserting some demo products / reviews / categories. But this all are for demo only..

So now when you do store online with real products and categories you must need to delete review & ratting that you have inserted for demo purpose.

Here is SQL Query for delete all reviews and ratting.

truncate table `rating_option_vote`; 
truncate table `rating_option_vote_aggregated`;
truncate table `review`; 
truncate table `review_detail`; 
truncate table `review_entity_summary`; 
truncate table `review_store`;

Don’t forgot to insert “FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0” before start query. If you are not set FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0 it maybe give error because of foreign key relation in tables.
And please visit “How to delete all review and ratting one by one from admin panel” if you want to delete it manually.

Hope you have deleted all reviews and ratting after read this blog.. Now next is to delete all products and categories. so you can read here “How to delete all products” & “How to delete all categories“.

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